Credit Card Processing Rates and Fees

Credit Card Processing Rates and Fees


At TekkPay, we understand the majority of customers are concerned about credit card processing rates and fees. That’s why we have the lowest rates of anyone in the industry! When you compare them side by side it’s easy to see why more people choose us. TekkPay offers significantly lower credit card processing rates and fees than our competitors, and in some instances they are free!

Most companies will hit you with application fees, setup fees, programming fees, and many other charges which can add up quickly. Not only will TekkPay provide those services for free, you will also avoid paying unnecessary fees like Discover and AMEX setup fees. Low credit card processing rates are only some of the advantages of choosing TekkPay.

By monitoring what our competitors are charging we can stay below the industry average and save you more money. We take into consideration the amount of transactions our customers perform and lower our rates to fatten your bottom line. And while other companies may not perceive this attention to detail as a priority, our pride in customer satisfaction is evident in the low credit card processing rates we offer.

We also offer Interchange Plus Rates.

Please visit our Interchange Plus Rates information page to see your savings.

Disclaimer: Offer below is designated to start-up businesses. In order to qualify to even more competitive deals, 3 months’ worth of processing statements is required.

Services Typical Rates Our Rates
Application Fee $75 – $150 FREE
Setup Fee $50 – $125 FREE
Programming Fee $50 – $75 FREE
Overlimit Fee Varies FREE
Discover® Network Setup Fee $25 FREE
American Express Setup Fee $25 FREE
Web Shopping Cart $249 FREE Setup
Real-Time Online Processing Terminal $295 – $995 FREE
Retail Swipe Terminal with Printer $195 – $795 FREE
Customer Support 8AM-8PM/Mon-Fri 24/7/365
Credit Restrictions Very Strict High Approval Rate
Debit Card Discount Rate (Swipe) 1.35% – 1.55% 0.25%
Retail Discount Rate (Swipe) 1.94% – 2.05% 0.25%
Internet Discount Rate (Internet/Mail/Phone) 2.45% – 2.75% 0.25%
Transaction Fee $0.35 – $0.50 per transaction $0.10 per transaction
Statement Fee $12 – $25 per month FREE ONLINE
Internet Gateway Fee $25 – $35 per month $10 per month
Approval Time 2 – 3 days Same day


More Free Deals

  • FREE Online Virtual Terminal
  • FREE TeleCheck® Set-Up
  • FREE access to your Merchant Account on-line
  • FREE** Business Consulting to evaluate your savings in areas of your business

* Offer is being made by TekkPay. Restrictions apply. Please call for details.
** TekkPay through a network of partners is able to help your business to potentially save money in all areas of your business. This offer is provided to all merchants who open a merchant account with TekkPay.